Welcome to Tod Bowen dot com

Hi my name is Tod Bowen or as some call me Spicoli. I have been a professional tattoo artist for 13 years. I was introduced to the art form at the early age of 11 by my hometown's local biker gang. It started out as something fun to do and as time progressed my drawings became good enough that I would do the art work and they would lay the ink.  Little did I know that this hobby would lead to the creation of two of my own studios and the advancement of 5 others. I built my first studio back in 2000.


Some of the various styles I specialize in are traditional american, neo traditional, Japanese, biomechanical/organic, portrait, black -n- gray and tribal.  


Be sure to check out the various areas of my site. If you want a tattoo I suggest you have a look at my Tattoo Portfolio, read over the Getting a Tattoo info, and certainly give the Steals & Deals a look.  Then give me a call or come by the studio to make an appointment.


See you then!